Standard Transcriptions • One Cent Per Word ($.01/word)

Legal Transcriptions • One and a Quarter Cents Per Word ($.0125/word)

Multi-Speaker Transcriptions • Two Cents Per Word ($.02/word)

Administrative Services • Two to Five Cents Per Word ($.02-.05/word)
(to be determined prior to each project)

Call-In Dictation Service

Initial User Establishment Fee of $10.00 (per user) [PIN access codes will remain in effect for 6 months from the last invoice. Should re-establishment be required, a $10.00 Fee will again be required]

File Minimum • $1.50 per standard file
[If utilizing our Call-In Service, hang-ups will incur the File Minimum]

Specialized Personalized Formatting • Additional One Quarter Cent Per Word ($.0025)

All pricing is subject to change and is in US Dollars.


For further information or to get signed up today, call (512) 249-7700 or click here to contact our Sales Team.


• Total number of words is calculated in accordance with a standardized typist test formula by calculating total characters, including spaces, then dividing by 5
• Audio with poor quality may be billed at a higher rate
Standard Cassettes: Given the current digital technology, we no longer accept standard cassettes