Additional Information

Project Minimum

There is a minimum per file charge of $1.50.


We are proud of our rapid turnaround to service your immediate needs. We offer Designated Rush*, Same Day Turnaround* and Non-Rush:

Designated Rush Files
Depending on file size and queue volume, a Designated Rush File will typically be returned to you within a 2-to-3 hour window. Rush files are billed at the rate of $.015 per word. [Multi-speaker and specialized audio may be billed at a higher rate.]

Standard Same Day Turnaround
A standard file will typically be returned to you the same day. [Depending upon project size and time received, additional time may be required.]

Standard Non-Rush Files
Standard Non-Rush files will typically be returned within 24 hours.

Special Projects/Off-Hour Files
Special projects and off-hour files may be billed at an additional $.0025/word. Keep in mind, if recordings are distorted (background noise, muffled, foreign speakers, etc.), are more time intensive or additional Administrative Services requests are made, the turnaround time may take longer and additional charges may be incurred. Multi-speaker files have a standard 1 week turnaround, unless otherwise designated.

* File Designation is established when you become a CyberDictate client. If not specified, all files will be considered Standard Non-Rush. Multi-speaker files require a longer turnaround time; however, completion estimates can be given once the audio file is received and reviewed.

Transcription Specifications

• Total number of words is calculated in accordance with a standardized typist test formula, by calculating total characters including spaces, then dividing by 5.

• Toll Free Telephone Dictation available to Continental US ONLY; Alaska and Hawaii callers will incur additional long distance charges.

• An initial Account Establishment Fee of $10.00 per person applies to Call-In Services. PIN access codes will remain in effect for 6 months from the last invoice. Should re-establishment be required, a $10.00 Fee will be required.

Online Payment Option

In addition to standard hard checks, CyberDictate offers the option of online payments. This is offered to clients who prefer to pay by credit card/debit, for a nominal 3% fee of the invoice total, using our Paypal option located under Client Resources. Payment preferences are established at the time you set up your account. Same will be included on your invoice.

International Clients

**Please note that we no longer provide our services to International Clients.**


For further information on our services, please call (512) 249-7700 or click here to contact our Sales Department.