CyberDictate offers a variety of personalized services in order to meet the support needs of your organization. Because we utilize digital technology, the final work product you receive is accurate and provided to you expeditiously.

We transcribe Legal and Standard dictations, utilizing either password protected ftp for Digital Files or Personalized Telephone Dictation. We also offer Personalized Formatting, Editing and more!


Digital Files (hand-held recorders, smart phones, CDs, etc.)

You dictate to your digital hand-held recorder or smartphone then upload your files to a Password Protected folder personalized for your company. We do the rest!

Call-In Phone Service

If you prefer an alternative to investing the funds necessary to purchase digital hand-held dictating equipment, go ahead and dictate over the phone! We have the technology that allows you to utilize our Personalized Telephone Dictation. The choice is yours!!


For further information or to get signed up today, call (512) 249-7700 or click here to contact our Sales Team.